Selling an Inherited House in Oklahoma

It may be the beloved grandparent’s home you visited for weeks every summer, or it may be an unexpected bequest from a distant relative. Selling an inherited house comes with unique challenges. Inheriting a property can be a burden depending on the circumstances. Especially after losing a loved one.

Selling an Inherited House

Of course, if it’s a home you lived in for years, you know all its quirks, and you may be worried about the costs of repairs, cleaning, and listing the home with an agent. If it’s a home you’ve never visited and you don’t live close, you need advice from someone familiar with the local market to determine how to go about selling an inherited home. If you’ve got time and your finances are stable, you can work with a real estate agent to prepare the home, price it according to local market conditions, and wait for buyers to show up.

Unfortunately, there’s always a risk that buyers won’t show up, or that offers won’t recoup what you’ve invested in repairs. There’s another way to handle selling an inherited house: sell to a real estate investor, like the principals of Petit Home Solution.

The team at Petit Home Solution has roots in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We buy homes in Tulsa and across Oklahoma fast, for cash. We buy these homes as is, meaning there are no repairs necessary and no commissions or closing costs. Instead, you get help cleaning the house out and a flexible closing on a schedule convenient to you.

Selling an Inherited House Oklahoma

Petit Home Solution can be a source of help, financial relief, and a way to resolve the challenges of inheriting a house you don’t need and don’t plan to use. Tell us about the property and allow us to give you a cash offer, in writing, for you to consider. Selling an inherited home quickly for cash can bring closure to a sad situation and provide the comfort of knowing that your relative wanted to help you by leaving you the house. When you sell it and improve your financial situation, your loved one is smiling down at you, happy that you got the benefit of owning the home for a while and happy that you are able to move on.

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