Sell House to Downsize in Oklahoma

You’ve finally got the place all to yourselves! Oh, wait—you’ve finally got the work all to yourselves! Maintaining a large family home when the large family no longer lives there can become an expensive burden for seniors and retirees. If you’ve been thinking you could sell the house to downsize, you’re on the right track.

Petit Home Solution helps people sell homes that have become too much to handle, financially or emotionally. We buy houses for cash, and sellers don’t have to worry about repairs or clean-outs. We’ll make an “as is” offer for your house, and we’ll even help you clean it out and get rid of junk. If you’re like many empty nesters, your garage is stuffed with boxes your kids have been telling you for years that they’ll come to get soon. Give them a deadline and let them know that if they miss it, their stuff is going.

Retirement is supposed to offer a new beginning. When an old house is holding you back, Petit Home Solution may be the answer: sell the house to downsize. We can even help you find a new place to live and move there. We are devoted to improving our Tulsa communities, and part of our mission is to give back. When we restore an old house, it improves property values in the area. When you sell your home to us, we make it as stress-free as we can: you don’t have to worry about cleaning, staging, or repairing the home, and we don’t charge closing costs.

A smaller home with fewer maintenance issues can free you to enjoy a more active life as you approach retirement or enter a new phase of your life. You can put the time you no longer spend cleaning and maintaining your big old house into starting a new business, exploring Tulsa’s museums and cultural offerings, or finally getting to those creative projects you’ve longed to start—write that book, make that sculpture, or write that song! Contact Petit Home Solutions to get an “as is” cash offer for your home.

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