We Can Take Over Your Mortgage Payments! Stop Foreclosure


We Buy Houses Fast In Tulsa, OK
Stop Foreclosure Fast in Tulsa

We take over your mortgage payments and Stop Foreclosure

  • Sell for a higher price
  • Get the most out of your equity 
  • No commission
  • No closing costs
  • Rebuild your credit
  • Stop Foreclosure

Need to avoid foreclosure in Tulsa, OK, but you’re stuck with mortgage payments you can’t afford? Or do you want to maximize the equity in your home by getting a higher purchase price without commissions? Whether you inherited a property, are facing foreclosure, a job transfer, a relationship change, or have another financial situation, our mortgage takeover program can help you.

We can buy your house “subject to” the existing mortgage and take it over. This means we will continue to make on-time payments or pay the mortgage up-to-date if it’s behind, but the note remains in your name. This will build your credit immediately, as your payments will be brought current.


Within 24 hours of your appointment, we can take over your mortgage payments and make you a cash offer for your house. Your payments will become current, and we can close in 14 days or less. We can take over payments and give you a cash offer regardless of maintenance and repairs so you can move fast and stress less.

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Improved Credit

Since the loan will remain in your name, you will see an improvement in your credit score as the mortgage continues to be paid on time.

Debt Relief Instantly

If you owe more than the home is worth, you can use our program to get out from under all that debt and move on with your life with a stress-free process.

Avoid Foreclosure

If you need to sell quickly, subject-to will allow Petit Home Solution to purchase your house quickly despite needed repairs or low to no equity.

Loan Transparency

We will arrange for a loan servicing company to collect and report payments so you have complete transparency throughout the process.

Get More Value for Your Home

We can reduce costs when buying your home, allowing you to get more value out of the sale of your house. The higher your loan, the more money you will save.

Purchase Another Home

While this might depend on your lender, your debt-to-income ratio will not be affected when your contract shows the debt was sold as subject-to.

How can we help? We Can Help by stopping foreclosure


We have helped numerous clients just like you avoid foreclosure and we do so openly and honestly.

Your quality of life is important to us, and we go the extra mile to make sure we are both winning.

We are investors, but we also like to think of ourselves as creative solutionist who care. We take the time to understand your situation, and your specific needs, and find a resolution that will leave you feeling the relief and financial freedom you crave.

Your quality of life is important to us, and we go the extra mile to make sure we are both winning.

Can I sell my house in foreclosure?

Will The Petit Home Solution Really Buy My House?

Absolutely! We specialize in buying single-family, homes mobile homes, condos, and multifamily

We’re not agents, so we don’t list your house. Instead, we’re a professional house-buying company, so we’re the ones who will buy your home from you- making the process simple and stress-free for you!

The advantage to you is: we pay cash and we are able to close quickly. And there are no fees that you’d have to pay if you used an agent. And you don’t have to balance agents, banks, and more- we handle the paperwork and keep things moving!

What this means to you is: there are no out-of-pocket expenses to pay in order to sell your house.  So you don’t have to worry about renovation expenses, fees, or commissions.

Sell Your House On Your Terms

We buy houses in Oklahoma! Call or Text (918) 324-3848 to tell us about your situation. Get Your Cash Offer Today!
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