Selling a House After a Divorce Agreement

Even the most amicable divorce is painful. Dividing up property can be tedious, emotional, and contentious. Where a home is involved, things get complicated. Petit Home Solution helps when you find yourself selling a house after a divorce agreement.

Your lawyers or the courts will work out who gets the house, or if there can’t be agreement about that, conclude that you must sell it. It’s no picnic if you’re awarded a house that has lost substantial value, needs extensive repairs, or that’s too filled with uncomfortable memories.

That’s where Petit Home Solution can help. If you or the court decide that selling your house after a divorce agreement is the best path forward, we can make a cash offer, help clean out the place, and set you on the road to your new life unburdened by a home that represents a past life.

Divorce often comes with sudden financial instability. Two incomes become one or none, and some divorcing people will need money as soon as the papers are signed. In such a situation, a cash “as is” sale, without the expense of cleaning, staging, marketing, and commissions, maybe your best bet.

Your lawyer or the courts can help you work out solutions when moving out right away isn’t an option. When Petit Home Solution buys a house, we’re buying it as an investment, so there’s no pressure from someone eager to move in. We can close on a flexible schedule and work with you on creative solutions for timing.

Call Petit Home Solution early in your divorce proceedings to find out what’s involved in selling a house fast during or after a divorce. That way, you can be prepared for whatever happens when you finalize an agreement, with a plan for selling the home fast in place, if selling becomes necessary. Selling a House After a Divorce

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