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When someone passes away, they often leave more than possessions behind: there may be debts, taxes, and other bills and expenses to pay. When the court proceedings are finished, many executors decide to sell a probate house fast to pay off debt. Sometimes, the court itself orders the sale. The process of carrying out a deceased person’s wishes involves tough decisions and all too often family tension.

If you have been named the executor of an estate or your family needs help navigating the probate process, you need the services of an experienced probate lawyer to guide you. As the process proceeds, you may determine that in order to wrap things up and come to closure, the best option is to sell a probate house fast for cash, rather than try to manage joint ownership with family members or wait for offers through a real estate agent.

That’s when Petit Home Solution can help. A private sale to us saves you a real estate agent’s commission, and there are no closing or marketing costs. We’ll even help you clean out the house and get rid of junk, and you won’t have to worry about home repairs in advance of a sale.

Any sale of a probate house must be approved by the supervising court, and this can take time. Delays add anguish to an already fraught situation. When the court approves a sale, Petit Home Solution can make the process of selling a probate house sale easier and faster.

When you sell a probate house to us for cash, you’ll save the estate the costs of cleaning, repairs, staging, and commissions involved in traditional sales through real estate agents. Instead, we’ll get you a written cash offer that you can submit to the court for approval. If there is no higher offer or objection, and the court approves, your probate house sale can proceed quickly and with less hassle.

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